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With more and more businesses turning to lean information management (LIM) to cut costs and improve processes, now is the time to look at the benefits it can produce within your own organisation. By streamlining your business processes, this critical tool can help you cut waste and boost competitive advantage whilst dramatically improving knowledge-sharing within your organisation. Ark Group's Lean Information Management Toolkit provides best-practice tools, techniques and advice to help you deliver successful LIM projects. It will enable you to: *Improve the way your organisation captures, stores and retrieves key business records; *Quickly improve knowledge-sharing techniques between local and international departments and offices; *Reduce data and regulatory risks; *Improve electronic data and records management processes; *Improve information and office processes, increase efficiency, reduce error and boost productivity; *Minimise waste - in terms resources, time, materials and labour; *Implement a change management strategy; and *Learn from the successful LIM processes and strategies of leading organisations. Real-life in-depth case studies provide valuable insight into the successful LIM projects of UK Formula One, Lean Aerospace Initiative, St Andrew's University and UK NHS. The Lean Information Management Toolkit also comes with a complimentary CD-ROM packed with key resources and adaptable templates that you can use as part of your own LIM projects. These include: *Additional lean information management resources; *A Seven waste evaluation form template; *A 5S evaluation form template; *A Kaizen blitz evaluation template; *A cause and effect diagram template; *An improvement tracking template; and *A master schedule example.